With its powerful narrative deftly commenting on devastating environmental issues and the wasteful nature of the human race, WALL·E clearly has something to say. It serves as a warning. A red flag to our future. But it never feels obnoxious or preachy about its message. It’s wrapped up in the most glorious love story of any Pixar film, making the film work on multiple levels. It’s a bold film that breaks all the conventions of the animated genre. It subverts all tropes we know of this kind of cinema. It’s an unrivalled masterpiece. It’s an extraordinary work of art. It’s a film that will define this studio for decades to come. It’s a travesty the Academy failed to nominate WALL·E for Best Picture. It’s Pixar’s greatest offering and one of the greatest films of all time. Case closed.

So there it is, folks. My take on the films of Pixar Animation Studios. What a sensational 25 years it has been, and, hopefully, there are many, many wonderful years to come of further Pixar brilliance.