About Me

Doug Jamieson

Doug Jamieson is a freelance film critic and entertainment industry journalist. Armed with a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism & Screen Studies) from Griffith University, and passion for all things film, Doug lives and breathes cinema and the film industry.


From a young age, Doug has spent the bulk of his days watching films, talking about films, writing about films, and being the one people turn to when they need an answer to the age-old question – “What’s the name of that guy who was in that film about that thing?”.


The Jam Report aims to provide weekly film reviews on the latest releases, feature and opinion pieces on matters pertinent to the film industry, and, once awards season rolls around, coverage of the madness that is the Academy Awards.


As a freelance writer, Doug is available to all publications who may be interested in his work, so if you enjoy what you read, be sure to use the contact form to get in touch. Doug would love to write for you.


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